Web Design and Web Development

We Try to Give Your Company the Best Web Presence Possible

  • Ideas

    We take the time to listen to your ideas and understand exactly what you want before we get started on your projects.

  • discussion

    We will always make sure the line of communication is open to make sure we are giving you everything you want. Whether it is a website for your new business or your computer that you need promptly.

  • design

    We aim to make every design different from everyone else. We want your customers going to your sites enjoying their time spent on it.

  • development

    We want to develop all of the backend services that you require on your sites.

Web Design Packages Starting at $200 + hosting & domain fees

Explanation of Our Services

Web Design

Affordable Web Design

We want to give your company the best web presence that we can. We offer an affordable package that small businesses can afford.

Web Hosting

Affordable Web Hosting

We offer affordable web hosting because we want to make sure that small businesses can keep their web presence "alive" all of the time.

Logo Design

Affordable Logo Design

Professional logo design. Your logo is what your customer is going to see first. It is not just a picture, it is what you want your company to portray about what it is about.

Web Development

Affordable Web Development

Web development is the backend of the web....where people don't know the magic happens. This is where the databases are hidden that store all of the data that websites store their content. We also offer services that develop the databases that are needed to hold things like blogs, forums, or any other custom databases that are needed for your needs.


SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization to make sure your company is showing up in those searches people are doing to find what they are looking for.


We can help get your brand on the web

We can help to get your brand out on the web to get it seen as many people as possible with the correct SEO techniques.


Amateur Photography

If you need special pictures taken to show certain angles of things for your brand we can help with that. We can work with you to get those pictures taken to show the correct information for your company and your products.


Specializations of drawings

If you have something that needs to be illustrated just for your website we can do that for you. If you need something that needs to be designed especially for your company we can do that too. Let's sit down and figure out how we can help you out.

Web Design Pricing

We try to make it affordable for all small businesses

Web Design

Starting at $200.00 per static page

$250.00 per page with a form or slideshow

$350.00 per database

Web Hosting w/email

$125.00 per year


$14.95 per year

Consultations for New Designs are by Appointment only

Once the final approval and the website is released online
updates will be $25 per hour with a minimum of a 1 hour charge.